Posted: Jan 26, 2018 11:57 am
by Thomas Eshuis
zulumoose wrote:Oh FFS, really?

You can't say X is not Y, because Y is never a way of life, when there are many examples of Y being a way of life.

NEVER??? I used the word "typically", how is that an absolute?

It isn't. But when you say X cannot be Y, you must use a qualifier that is absolute to make that distinction. Otherwise you cannot claim that X cannot be Y.

zulumoose wrote:
And how does that change the fact of whether Christianity is a religion or not?

I made no claims about what a religion is, I was guessing as to why SOMEONE ELSE classified ISLAM differently.

Fair enough, my bad.

zulumoose wrote:
Again, how does that make Islam not a religion?

Again, that is not my claim.

You seemed to play devil's advocate for quas, hence my questions.