Posted: Feb 08, 2019 8:28 pm
by tuco
A quick thought is that the premise is not valid thus is not the conclusion.

It follows then that these powerful men would project their thoughts (well, actions really) of promiscuity onto their wives and consequently, en mass, women in general,

Let me offer an alternative hypothesis.

But the text is clear that polygamy is only permissible if all wives are treated justly. The Quran then goes on to say that it will never be possible for a husband to treat all of his wives fairly. This effectively limits the possibility of polygamy today. ... -polygamy/

Premise 1: Man is to treat all wives fairly, sex included
Premise 2: This is practically not possible
Conclusion 1: Wives not treaty fairly get pissed and horny
Conclusion 2: Can't let them go alone ...