Posted: Mar 18, 2019 11:06 am
by GrahamH
Keep It Real wrote:I guess she'd never had that problem before at a train station wit 20+ taxis. What a fucking moron :dunno:

What a well thought out rational reply. When you have no point to make just swear at people. They will respect you for that. :nono:

So it was an assumption based on a sample of one station where she has been lucky so far?

So what? There is clearly an issue with dogs in taxis which is not shown to be a specifically muslim issue.
You offered an unplanned taxi ride as if it was an example on topic, but it was only an example of the problem that many taxi drivers don't appreciate passengers turning up on spec with dogs.

Are we to believe that overnight all 20 dog-loving non-Muslim taxi drivers were replaced by Muslim dog-haters?