Posted: Apr 01, 2010 10:05 am
by BrettA
LarianLeQuella wrote:
BrettA wrote:
Now a question back at'cha... Why all the - to me, extraordinarily over-the-top - warnings, cautions, etc. throughout your post, please? What prompted all that? Why not simply ask the questions?

My guess would be because of one well known individual that posts some incredibly misinfomrmed/misguided opinions here that tend to get us all wrapped around the axel. ;)

Ahhh... So you - and possibly the OP - figure that said induhvidual will look at said warning and think sumptin' like: "Whoa!!! I better not say anything in this thread - there's warnings here!"... Well, who knows - mebbe right, but I'z haz doubts about the efficacy of that type of action with such people.

And it still seems way over-the-top to me even if that is the rationale.