Posted: May 04, 2010 11:26 am
by kiore
1) What were/are the details of your service? Location? Specifics.
Various, Joined the NZ Army Infantry Regiment when I was 18, rifleman/section gunner (machine gun) did basic there were no wars to fight hung around got out rejoined :roll: still not much going on, did Territorial (Reserve stuff) drifted away. Actually volunteered again for Desert Storm and Timor as a specialist but not needed.
Nowadays I actually serve in a warzone but am now a civilian.

2) Why did you serve/are you serving?
Something I'd always wanted to do, adventure blah blah, glory blah blah, serve my country blah blah..
My parents said I couldn't and in fact my father said I wasn't tough enough which was my motivation to go infantry to prove him wrong, in fact I wasn't to start with almost quit immediately but hardened up quickly.
Shooting and blowing stuff up was an attraction too as I see others mentioning, but for me it was more to do with doing stuff you can't do in other settings.

3) In retrospect, would you do it again? Or, for how much longer are you planning to serve?
Yes, but would have stuck with it longer and kept my mouth shut more and not gone out of my way to annoy young officers so much :whistle:

4) Have you had any memorable experiences, and if yes, would you mind sharing them?
Yes, umm not so easy.

5) Has your service resulted in any sort of trauma or permanent damage?
Not as far as I'm aware.