Posted: May 06, 2010 12:33 am
by Gawdzilla
1) What were/are the details of your service? Location? Specifics?
USN, 1969-1989. Too many places to list here. At sea, I was an engineer, on shore I did certain things as directed.
2) Why did you serve/are you serving?
Because I wanted to travel, to have some fun, to pay back some to the country
3) In retrospect, would you do it again? Or, for how much longer are you planning to serve?
I wouldn't miss it. No other job gives you so much opportunity for an interesting life.
4) Have you had any memorable experiences, and if yes, would you mind sharing them?
Killing people is certainly memorable, but so is the sight of a mountain broken in half with my ship about to sail between the two pieces. (Straits of Magellan.) "Boogie boarding" on Mt. Etna during an eruption was fun, as was climbing Mt. Fuji.
5) Has your service resulted in any sort of trauma or permanent damage?
I am rated at 100% disabled by the Veterans Adminstration.