Posted: Feb 05, 2014 1:25 pm
by don't get me started
I remember a scene from the film 'Waterloo' with Christopher Plummer as Wellington.
On reviewing his soldiers marching up he (Wellington) quips...
" I don't know if they frighten the French, but by God, they frighten me."
Classic moment.

On the theme of the soldiery after the battle I remember asking my dad what he got for winning the war.
In my youthful ignorance, I fondly imagined my dad had personally gone into the bunker, and punched Hitler into unconsciousness.

He answered in laconic style.
"What did I get for winnin' the war son? That's a good question. I'll tell ye. (Dramatic pause) I got a packet of crisps.
I was very disappointed. ( dramatic pause ) They were plain. I was hoping for salt and vinegar. (Pause) The bloody officers got cheese and onion."
Ha ha.