Posted: May 23, 2010 11:59 am
by Bathynomus Giganteus
1) What were/are the details of your service? Location? Specifics?
Royal Air Force. 1989-1995.
I served at:-
RAF Brize Norton (UK)
RAF Gutersloh (Germany)
RAF Laarbruch (Germany)
US Air Base Incerlik (Turkey)

2) Why did you serve/are you serving?
My Grandad was Army (REME). My mum was a Wren (WRNS). My older brother was RAF. So it runs in the family. Plus it was a good way of learning a trade, seeing other parts of the world and getting away from the arsehole my mum was married to.

3) In retrospect, would you do it again? Or, for how much longer are you planning to serve?

4) Have you had any memorable experiences, and if yes, would you mind sharing them?
Too many to write down.
I worked in MT. (Motor pool for the Americans) I can sympathise with Ciarin. I spent long periods of time playing cards, painting, sweeping, cleaning etc.

5) Has your service resulted in any sort of trauma or permanent damage?

Here's me with my battlebus US Air base Incerlik in Turkey.