Posted: Sep 20, 2010 12:34 pm
by akigr8
Weaver wrote:No, I was refering to the first one - as I said, best non-modular vest (meaning you can't shift the pouches around to suit personal taste or mission requirements).
Ah, I was wondering what you meant by non-modular vest.
Weaver wrote:I am not going to buy one - but I am working on a trade with one of my Norwegian buddies at PRT Meymanah. ;)
Will save you a fortune. :thumbup:
Weaver wrote:Our old LBE was much like what you pictured here - pain personified, and limited real estate as well. Mine used to weigh upwards of 25 pounds (12kg) by itself.

Don't think mine ever weighed that much, pain indeed.
Glad we have the new type.

natselrox wrote:Kick-ass Aki! Love it! :thumbup:


How did you know my middle name is Kick-ass??! :what: