Posted: Jul 12, 2011 4:56 pm
by seeker7
I spent 22 years in the military. In Vietnam we did not kill a Vietcong named "Kim Nhuyen" but we killed a "gook." In Iraq we killed "rag-heads." I suppose that in the American frontier days, troopers killed "red-skins." The point is: other than for self-defense (survival instinct), humans don't instinctively like to kill other human beings, unless they are mentally ill. We invent "reasons" to kill: defense of country, religious sacrifices (e.g., Aztecs), etc. I've known soldiers who did not do well after returning home after months of battle--there are lots of reasons why this happens, of course. However, I know one vet who hung himself in his garage because "Gook" just didn't work as a reason for the Cong he killed.