Posted: Oct 30, 2011 8:53 pm
by theropod
ray wrote:Hello tripod,

Hi ray!

You'll note, however, that my user name is theropod. It is a violation of the FUA (Forum User's Agreement) to purposefully, or knowingly, mutilate another members name in one of your postings. Perhaps you were unaware of this prohibition, or maybe you were just being cute. I would appreciate it very much if, in the future, you would use my name as it appears. Thanks. :thumbup:

ray wrote:Congratulations for becoming one of the bosses.

Being the junior member of the moderation team I'd say that I'm far from what one could reasonably call a "boss". The only real "boss", and this will piss him off for my saying so, is the person owning this web site. I've yet to see this person act in any way like a tyrannical and stereotypical "boss". If seeking consultation, and advice, at every turn is being a boss I wish I'd had a few more like him in my professional career. I don't think I, or any other member of the moderation team, deserve to be slurred in this ever-so-thinly-veiled manner. I don't think I have, as moderator, acted in any way that dishonors this forum or members. If you feel otherwise you are more than welcome to open a feedback thread and provide examples where I behaved anything like a "boss".

I happily, believe what you will, accept your congratulations. Being respected enough to be allowed to serve this forum with due diligence is an honor I do not take lightly. I will fight to protect you under the FUA as I would any member.

ray wrote:I am a True Muslim.

That's interesting. Can you tell us what a "True Muslim" is, or what it takes to be a "True Muslim? I am truely interested.

ray wrote:If you have any questions about God, let me know.

No problem ray! What a splendidly Gracious Offer®. OK, I have a little something I've always wanted to know about God. Can you, or any other person of faith, provide empirical evidence of a nature that, when tested independently, returns consistent results which directly establish the existence of any proposed God? If you can't provide this evidence I'll suppose all questions about God, your God, the Mayans God, or anyone's God, is really just a talk about red and green-stripped unicorns and other myths. Without that evidence we are playing head games with everyone.

ray wrote:I represent Him.


What a wonderful honor this must be for you. Color me skeptical. See my little rant about evidence above. If you think this is so I have some questions. I'd really like to know if God told you this directly, and/or did another human confirm this? The moment you became aware of this must have been awesome! That would have made a great video to put on You Tube®!

Since you claim this ambassadorial position you shouldn't have any issues here. If you can obey the "10 Commandments" we will know that you are a person of your word. Do not lie to us. Do not seek to harm any of us. You get the picture. You already agreed to not violate the FUA, and as a representative of God you sure wouldn't want to openly break not only our rules but those of the very God you represent.

You'd be very surprised how very many folks here have studied the holy texts so please don't assume the instructors role just yet.