Posted: Nov 11, 2011 12:05 am
by Mr.Samsa
coop wrote:Any person submitting an essay to this site, would immediately be subjected to the skepticism of the remainder of the group. Why would you seek opinions in this manner, the writer knowing he or she would be immediately held up to possible redicule and criticism? It seems somewhat oxymoronic, or zero-sum circular thinking. Just saying....

I think it's unlikely that someone would receive ridicule, unless their entry was mistaken as a joke entry (e.g. if they tried to demonstrate that mind reading is possible because 'quantum'). And criticism is a good thing, that would be the main reason I would post an article (or even why I make posts here). What's the point of having opinions if you don't present them for criticism occasionally? It's the only way we learn. And, of course, there would be positive comments as well - people commenting on your excellent writing skills, or easy to understand explanations, or wealth of knowledge, etc. So it's unlikely to be an entirely negative experience.

Welcome to the forum though :cheers: