Posted: Aug 02, 2012 11:06 am
by Doubtdispelled
Mr.Samsa wrote:
stijndeloose wrote:You know I'm sticky.


Stijndeloose: Please be aware that just because you are no longer a mod, it does not give you license to break rules willy-nilly. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with the Forum User's Agreement, in particular this section where you agreed to:

1.3. not post (or link to) anything that is pornographic and you may not discuss personal sexual issues, experiences, desires, or problems on the Forum. This includes images, descriptions or discussions of explicit sexual acts. Images containing nudity may only be posted in relevant topics if they are established works of art or are in a medical/scientific context. All such images must be posted within NSFW (not suitable for work) tags.

Telling other members that you are "sticky" is grossly offensive and can be considered a form of harassment.

Please do not reply to this modnote, or you will definitely be banned indefinitely.


Reported for several reasons.

1. Shamefully pretending to be a mod.

2. Threatening to ban a member whilst shamefully pretending to be a mod.

3. Indiscriminate and tautological use of the word (in)definitely when threatening to ban a member whilst shamefully pretending to be a mod.

4. Indulging in personalisations and name calling (to whit, labelling Stijndeloose 'willy-nilly'), which as we all know is against the FUA section 1.2.c, again whilst shamefully pretending to be a mod.

5. Speculating upon the nature and state of a member's member whilst shamefully pretending to be a mod.

:naughty: :naughty:

Edit: to add Clause 5 to the reported reports, in order to expand upon and further explain the extent of the insult and aggrieved feelings of the victim.