Posted: Mar 22, 2013 1:02 am
by sennekuyl
Collector1337 wrote:Umm, yes it is.

It is worded in a manner that most anywhere would take as criticism of the work a much beloved member whose work to setup and keep this site running.

Life has been communicating about problems and obviously working to sort it out. You come in and stand over his shoulder crying about some inconvenience you are experiencing in dealing with a free access site --- which came about at Life's magnanimity --- when it has been noted widely in the forum that problems will be occurring.

Your 'question' reminds me of managers that come and stand over tradesmen demanding to know when random problem will be fixed. Each time the 'question' is asked takes more time away from solving the problem. Tradesmen take great delight in responding to those managers with extensive lists of ongoing and interrelated issues that will delay indefinitely the solution. The fact that each interruption by said managers extends the delay seems to allude them. Unfortunately those managers seem to be ascendent.

Your post was similarly useless and unnecessarily antagonistic. Good luck getting any reasonable response out of it.

Not withstanding, your posting history doesn't seem to indicate any care about any of those style of intricacies... so possibly doesn't matter to you. Personally I think you have substituted libertarianism with anarchy, but that's just an opinion.