Posted: May 02, 2010 11:13 pm
Last update: May 3rd, 2010 (GMT +1). - Added section "Business".


Keep an eye on this thread, I will update it quite often and add or alter the status.

With more and more stuff on the table each day and for the sake of transparency I've made a
list which should contain any upcoming changes and reflect the processes of each stage.

The thread will be locked and all feedback and discussions will be linked in parentheses where applicable.

To keep it a bit structured I've divided the list into 4 main sections:
red (highest priority), orange (lower priority), blue = (lowest priority) and green (done)
(The higher the priority, the faster stuff will be implemented)

Forum Users' Agreement (FUA) Revision
Copyrights - (Discussions here and here)
Free speech
Racism - (Discussions here and here)
Trolling - (Discussions here and here)
to be continued...

How much has been donated in total? What has it been spent on? How much is left?

Board Functionality
Revised Quote-function - (Discussions here)
Print single posts + direct PDF file output
Tagging posts/threads with keywords for easier navigation
Option to add tables (rows, columns) in posts
Mobile version
RSS Feeds
to be continued...

Shall we go nonprofit? Charitable?

Extended site features
Interviews with VIPs/Scientists
RatSkep Shop
RatSkep Videos (VLOG) - Regular Video-Log with site updates, science news etc.
Ratskep Wiki organisation & moderation
Quotes database
Foreign language fora
News area, like articles on RDF
to be continued...

Note: It does not mean everything mentioned above will be realized, some are just ideas of what could be done.
All points are completely open for discussion unless otherwise stated. Also, if you spot a topic you'd like to discuss feel free to open a thread in Feedback but take a look first if there isn't one already, please :D

Cheers :cheers: