Posted: May 20, 2010 1:08 am
shh wrote:
I'm With Stupid wrote:Erm, are you wanting "," "" or both versions?
I'd advise against "", for the simple reason that's not the name or address of the site. If you were putting together a logo for addidas and used addi, it wouldn't make a lot of sense, logo's should make finding the site easier, not confuse the issue. Unless LIFE is willing to change the site name and address, stick with

Well if the length of the domain name is too much of an obstacle I'd raise it with the staff if they'd be ok with a name change. If we do change this would be last moment to do so before we print the logo anywhere...

RatSkep rings better than RationalSkepticsisiiscmiscm to me. Also easier to remember, and shorter, probably easier to work with altogether.