Posted: May 20, 2010 1:48 am
by shh
LIFE wrote:Ain't that just personal preference
Famous logos like Wikipedia, Wal Mart, AOL, Sony are all caps and I'm sure at least the last 3 must have had the budget to pitch some decent logos, no?

To some degree it is, but the legibility thing is a fact. Also, AOL is different because it's initials, IBM is similar, and the others are famous brands, not famous logos. Other than Nike I can't think of a classic logo that's all caps, and with Nike it's actually the swoosh that's classic, not the logotype.
This kind of thing can be hard to judge, what you're going for is the highest number of preference, so you might get 30% of people who prefer all-caps, but you'll almost always get a majority preferring lower-case, so you'd generally go with lower-case.
But again, the legibility thing is a fact, and the tone is certainly friendlier with lower case: RATIONALSKEPTICISM.ORG or or
The all caps is definitely the least accessible of these.

Well if the length of the domain name is too much of an obstacle I'd raise it with the staff if they'd be ok with a name change. If we do change this would be last moment to do so before we print the logo anywhere...

RatSkep rings better than RationalSkepticsisiiscmiscm to me. Also easier to remember, and shorter, probably easier to work with altogether.
Probably my preference too tbh, but your call, either way, I'd say make sure the logo matches the actual name. Might be worth deciding this first, I doubt it'd be too hard to adapt the designs, but if it's gonna cost money or a lot of effort, I'd decide it first. :cheers:
I'm With Stupid wrote:
Well it is the address of the site. Type it in. Anyway, I've already tried an acropolis themed logo, and one with the impossible triangle, but I don't think I'm cut out for this logo designing. But if anyone thinks they can do a good job with either of those ideas, be my guest. I think I'll try a thought bubble themed one next.
It's not what it says in the address bar, and a google search brings up posts from here that say ratskep, but not the main page, typing it into the address bar brings me here, but I don't know if that's because I come here so much or not. Anyway, it's better to have one consistent name rather than several, whichever is chosen in the end.
From what I've seen in the t-shirt ideas thread there'll be plenty of mentions of rational skepticism on a lot of the t-shirt designs, regardless of which the site is called.