Posted: May 20, 2010 12:13 pm
by Aern Rakesh
^^Ooh, shh. I like those. Especially the one with the red question mark.

Just a word in defence of the all caps used on the present banner. I hate it when people use all capitals in a post or email, as it does make me think of shouting. However I've never made that association to our banner here. Probably because it is quite elegant.

As to RatSkep as compared to Rational Skepticism, I think it is a measure of it's popularity that so many of us refer to it already as RatSkep. But I myself would not want a rat in the logo. That's not what RatSkep suggests to me. RatSkep to me (and I think many of us) means the lifeboat. It would be nice if we could keep that association, rather than rats leaving a sinking ship association.

Just some thoughts.