Posted: May 20, 2010 1:07 pm
by shh
lordpasternack wrote:If the site's "nickname" is going to be in the logo, then it might be wise to consider setting up a redirect for anyone who doesn't know of this site and taps that in as a domain name. I also feel that, though it may be more "catchy" - it doesn't actually say much intelligible to prospective newbies… Just a few thoughts…

I don't think the intelligibility is too big a problem, we're also working on t-shirt designs, many of which mention rational skepticism, and the fact that you have to figure out that ratskep=rationalskepticism could also be a hook. That it's interesting is one bonus, that it's precise is another, it's pretty subjective ultimately, and I'm happy enough to go with whatever's decided on, although my personal preference is for ratskep.
At the minute though, I think either one is fine, if the chosen logo uses the wrong terms it should be easy enough to rework.
and as mentioned, a google search for ratskep brings this site up, as does putting ratskep in the address, the only problem would be if someone else then took the domain name. Which could be a fairly big problem. If LIFE's happy enough to change the name, or wants to keep it as is, I reckon that's his call.
Oliver wrote:
Anyone who has Photoshop already can create vectors straight in the program, such as the feathers above, which were drawn in Photoshop and - as such - can be scaled indefinitely, though you have to re-apply the gradient each time, but that's easy because it's a bleedin' gradient. If it's not a vector image, but it's a simple 2 tone (or even 3 tone) image, it can be loaded in Illustrator (which usually comes with Photoshop) and automatically turned into a vector graphic on there.

Sure, but it's easier just to start with a vector from the get go, you've no issues with file sizes etc. then, even gradients can produce fairly large size files as bitmaps. But, again, I don't think these technicalities should worry anyone for the minute, once we've a good visual concept I'm sure there's plenty of people here who'd be willing to help polish it up for the final version, concept should be everything at the minute. :cheers:
I do personally like the idea of having a rat in there, just as a pun on ratskep or rational, I hadn't actually thought of the rats leaving a sinking ship thing, and I'm not sure about the lifeboat bit, I don't think we should let the split be definitive, I think we've gone beyond that, and I think this site's significantly different in tone and ethos.
(PS, ty all for the compliments.:D )
Luis Dias wrote:

(Don't do it!!)
Fucking don't do that to me. :lol: