Posted: May 20, 2010 2:08 pm
by shh
Luis Dias wrote:I hate gradients in fact. I like grey mixed with powerful colors, like black, white or red... like you do there. I enjoy the upper right one, except for the lightbulb. If it's going to be something of an extravagant question mark, why not making it even more ubber dubber extravagant? Flamboyant, even? As it is, it's neither meat or fish as we say here in Pt... and it only looks like bad design.

Fair enough, IO wasn't going for extravagant though, it's a standard question mark, I just used a different font to keep it in tune with the writing, as it's scaled up quite a bit. Keep the crits coming though, these are all wips, and if anyone else gets any pointers that's even better.
Do you not like the question mark because it's suggesting a lightbulb, or just not like it?