Posted: May 20, 2010 2:44 pm
by I'm With Stupid
I prefer the question mark on the ratskep logo rather than the rationalskepticism one. I think it's a bit lost in that one, and ends up looking a bit out of place, whereas it's a more dominant feature in the shorter version, and so is more obviously the main symbol for the logo. If that makes sense.

On the second ones, I definitely prefer the ones with capitals, although it looks fine without on the shorter logo. The capital one on the black background seems less bold too, which I think it better.

And now I think of it, I think the .org bit is going to have to be a prominent bit of any logo, because people tend to default to .com .net or .their country.

The other question I'd ask everyone is should the symbol bit of the logo be something that can be used as a standalone design, or is it better to have something, like Ssh's logo, that is intrinsically tied to the text?