Posted: May 05, 2015 11:09 pm
Thanks for all the good wishes, silly images, and general weirdness guys. :thumbup: :D

It has to be said though that everything I did as a mod I did, and could only do, as part of team. Moderation here is a collective effort from a group of dedicated volunteers, all of whom give up a portion of their free time to help keep our little corner of the internet ticking over. If any thanks are due it's due to the ongoing efforts of the moderation team as a whole, and if I've done any small amount of good as the moderators mouthpiece then perhaps some of our regular members will give a thought to volunteering some of their energy and bandwidth the next time the call goes out. Hmm?

Anyway, I must admit it'll be a nice change not having to steer well clear of controversy, so here a picture of some boobies.