Posted: May 25, 2010 7:03 pm
by HughMcB
Fallible wrote:
HughMcB wrote:No I edited a post instead of just quoting it... ooops!

Fortunately I noticed right away and corrected my mistake, of course there was a nice laugh at the expense of the n00b! :smug:


But you did leave me a nice capital S in my post, which was a lovely thought. Or were you just fucking with my fragile little mind? :waah:

You'll know if you mysteriously find stray capitalized letters peeping out from the bottom of your posts. :plot:

Fallible wrote:
Jef wrote:I would have volunteered, but I had no idea they were hiring. In fact I had no idea the section where they advertised for the positions even existed until just now! I agree though; excellent choices. :cheers:

I'm glad you didn't, only because I found it nigh on impossible to decide as it was. You'd have made it even more difficult.

So you got my gift baskets then?

I knew it would work. :smoke: