Posted: Feb 25, 2010 6:28 pm
Membership Agreement for

Members of agree to:

    1.1 only register one account with and not allow anyone else to use your account.

    1.2. not cause harm or disruption to the forum or other members, for example please don't:
      a. post criminal content

      b. post racist, sexist, homophobic content (and no Holocaust denial)

      c. post personal attacks or insults towards other members

        d. i. start threads outside of Feedback that are critical of the forum habits and/or behaviours of another member

        d. ii. start threads that discuss the opinions, positions and/or arguments of another member without permission from that member
      e. attempt to inflame or provoke another member(s)

      f. post multiple copies of your posts

      g. try to take threads off-topic

      h. post personal information about another member(s)

      i. share Private Messages (PMs) without the member’s permission.

      j. send harrassing PMs to any other member(s)

      k. edit your posts substantially if others have responded to them.

      m. quote mine, plagiarise, or otherwise misrepresent information

      n. post about disruptive actions against external sites

      o. quote another member in your signature or on your profile without their permission.

      p. post, or offer to post, on behalf of members who have been banned or suspended.

    1.3. not discuss personal sexual issues and not post (or link to) anything pornographic

    1.4. use NSFW tags and appropriate warnings for anything that is not suitable for all ages or for viewing at work

    1.5. not preach

    1.6. not spam or solicit

    1.7. accept and follow the directions outlined in Appendix 3. Legal and Other Issues.

Please Note: