Posted: Jun 10, 2010 1:17 pm
We will have a section for articles soon.

You may or may not have noticed that we have a small Wiki running for testing purposes. I'm going to ditch this Wiki though, it's unintuitive and not really fit for our purpose. Instead we will have some kind of static site with collected articles.

What I have in mind:
Volunteers write articles that are written for a layman audience, so they'll generally be more accessible. Not too technical and in-depth but that shouldn't mean it couldn't be a bit more detailed here and there. I'd like the subjects of the articles to be tailored towards common misconceptions, such as

"Atheism is a religion"
"Evolution is just a theory"
"Science can't explain everything"

and so forth...

I'll make a list of what I can come up with soon, feel free to add subjects in this thread as well.

A member (or a team of members) writes an article on a specific subject, postes it to the forum for membership review (to point out any errors or for general feedback) and once final gets submitted to the database.

I'm thinking about some kind of reward, if you've got some suggestions tell me :dopey:
Also, the authors will of course get credit on the article page incl. a link to their website etc if they wish to, alternatively they can stay anonymous.

Who's generally interested in contributing an article?
Please tell me in this thread, also what subject you'd like to write on (or leave open if undecided).

So far:
natselrox "something on medicine"
Nora_Leonard "Fertile Minds"
Goldenmane "acupuncture"

Any questions? Ask them here as well...