Posted: Jun 16, 2010 7:01 pm
LIFE wrote:I'm not sure if something like the infinity symbol can be copyrighted.
The very fact that you can find a bunch of official logos who use it makes it look like it's safe to use :dunno:

Unless we can find an authoritative source (e.g. on the internet) which clearly states that it is/is not allowed I'd have to ask a lawyer which of course will cost me some $$$. I don't think any entries have to be removed as nobody is "using" them but I will have to look into it if that logo should win the competition.

Logos, images, names in particular fonts and other symbols of this sort are copyrighted by trademark, which identify an officially registered product with an accompanying legal restriction favourable to the owner or manufacturer. Trademarks have to be unique - you can't register one which is so similar to another registered trademark that the two might be reasonable confused.

As I said before the möbius strip is a topological entity representing a geometrical anomaly - a continuous closed surface with only one side. You cannot copyright, or trademark, thereby asserting ownership, of geometrical entities. It would be akin to asserting ownership of the isosceles triangle. Neither can you assert ownership of mathematical symbols - imagine having to pay a royalty every time you use a '%' symbol?

Now, the issue is not really the symbol itself - whether möbius or infinity symbol - but whether the use of if is similar enough to a pre-existing registered trademark which uses it/them to be reasonable confused for it. If, however, the new logo (whatever it is) incorporates the site's name as an integral part of its design, in as much as the pictogram and the domain name are necessary and inseparable elements of the logogram as a whole, then any confusion between the RatSkep logo and another will be minimal.

Basically, some symbol or other with RatSkep under, over, running down the side or though it will be sufficiently unique to not infringe copyright or trademark - in my unconsidered, non-legal opinion that is. If the pictogram/text appears on everything official produced by, for, or on behalf of the website, then how others might use it, say only in pictographic form or only in text form, is their business and nothing you can be expected to have any control over.

That's my €3's worth anyway... :|