Posted: Jul 01, 2010 1:25 pm
by Oliver
newolder wrote:How do I make the instance of the ratskep forum on my machine make <div><class=”logo-image”>...</div> point to ... ce7d_b.jpg

I really do not understand this question, but do you wish to place an image on a web page using HTML? To do that, use the following code (you can change the image source to point to any image URL):
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<img src="" alt="Rational Skepticism" width="666px" height="143px" />

Looking at what you've written, you should note that the 'class' attribute is used to style a parent element, so your code would actually be:
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<div class="logo-image"> ... div content goes here ... </div>

Not that for this you need to use CSS to define contents of the class, for example:
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<style type="text/css">
div.logo-image { width: 666px; height: 143px; border: 0px; }

Alternatively, you can implement the above code directly into the div element, as so:
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<div style="width: 666px; height: 143px; border: 0px;"> ... div content goes here ... </div>

Does this answer your question?