Posted: Sep 13, 2010 2:30 pm
by blasphemer_number1
Are you going to make an attempt to write from a neutral perspective? Is it even possible write from a neutral perspective on hot-button topics like religion, ethics, and politics? I got a "Philosophy for dummies" book that was written with a strong bias toward a belief in God; I would have been fine with it, provided it adequately presented and considered counterpoint arguments -- which it failed to do. The link I provided is an Amazon reviewer's comments that echo my sentiment on that book.

Is there an overall goal for the book that can be concisely stated?
Is this a book on religious-thought -or- just critical thinking in general?
What are the characteristics of your target audience? (e.g., age, education, religion, socioeconomic status, race, gender, marital status) Perhaps this is more of a "Who is this book screaming out to" type question. I would guess that a blanket "for everybody" answer probably spells doom for the book. If it is for everybody, then some of the broad parts deserve some kind of mention, such as women's suffrage and racial inequalities. What other books exist that have covered similar material? Also, if there are hot button topics, might inclusion of some be a detriment to its potential readership (e.g., the KKK probably don't mind women voting, but they might skip a book that rightly calls "white power" out for being stupid.)