Posted: Sep 18, 2010 2:42 pm
by Delvo
The title we have so far is problematic. It's not just because of the resemblance to the "Idiot's Guide..." and "...For Dummies" formats, but even more, it's because of the phrase "Critical Thinking". To too many people who could benefit from the book and enjoy it, that would sound like either too much hard work and no fun, or something somebody else somewhere else does that has no connection to a normal person's real life. A better title would sound like something that the average potential reader can, and would want to, casually & routinely use all the time, and/or sound more informal/conversational or even whimsical instead of professorial...

How To Avoid Being A Sucker
The Use And Misuse of the Common Brain
Don't Be Fooled (Even By Yourself)
...or at least a change from "Critical" to "Clearly"[youtube][/youtube]