Posted: Sep 20, 2010 12:08 am
by sennekuyl
james1v wrote:
sennekuyl wrote:That could preclude some of the older generations from purchasing it because it is that message language. But I agree it would be more congruent and those luddite people are dying out (metaphorically) anyway.

:eh: :pissed: :cry: :paranoid: :sigh:

Please don't be sad. My rather throw-away thoughts were more about people who simply dismiss things because they don't understand it immediately, than the spectacular people who utilise a much greater vocabulary than they did at 4. This particular category do tend to be be of the older generations, though not exclusive to it. I'm also in utter envy of the individuals who employ an enormous vocabulary and do so with precision and accurate grammar as if indigenous to their thinking. I can't do it after hours of thought about single paragraphs.

Had the title suggested been more erudite and verbose, the comment would have stood excluding the morbid end.