Posted: Apr 05, 2010 7:06 am
by Audley Strange
I do not think it necessary to claim Christians permitted Usury as if they were the only group practicing it. As for Usury, well if you wish to be exploited go for it. However it seems to me the contractural risk should be limited to the debtor solely. The lender should have no legal support to foreclose on a property where others are living (if such properties are in joint or multiple names) such debt should not be allowed to be transferred to next of kin. The only person who should be held responsible is the debtor themselves, this then may stop irresponsible lending.

I'd go further with this to consider such rules should apply to countries. The IMF and World Bank should not impose debt upon the citizenry of a country, because they give irresponsible loans to tyrants. No-one absolutely no-one anywhere should have any obligation to pay the debt of another. It should be written off by those stupid enough to take risks with their money.