Posted: Dec 19, 2011 4:15 am
by jlowder
mikegage wrote:Jeff,

Have you read Roger White’s article Fine Tuning and Multiple Universes from Nous (2000)? Toward the end, he discusses the difference between something being improbable and surprising. I think I would say it is certainly a mistake to say M makes Pr(F/N) substantially higher, but I do actually think it makes it less surprising that we are in a universe like ours. And this point would become stronger the larger the multiverse (and I think the scientific theories positing multiverses predict them to be either quite large or infinite).

I had to skim, so sorry if this has been addressed already.

Hi Mike -- Yes, I do remember reading that, but it's been many years. Incidentally, Paul Draper was one of three co-authors on a paper which responds to White. In my opinion, Draper et al destroyed White's arguments. If you email him at Purdue University, I'm sure he'd be willing to send you a copy.


Jeffery Jay Lowder.