Posted: Dec 24, 2011 11:11 pm
by Rumraket
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The strength of this objection depends upon the details of the specific version(s) of the FTA(s) we are considering. This objection is a strong objection against any version of the FTA which depends upon the frequency interpretation of probability, which defines probability as the number of times an outcome appears in a long series of similar events.

Okay. So, would it be correct to say that it's a strong objection against a version of the FTA used by WLC, in which he asks one to consider the number of life-permitting universes out of the total amount of possible universes? If I remember correctly, he tries to explain it by having one put a dot on a piece of paper, and having the dot be blue for a life-prohibiting universe, and red for a life-permitting one. Then, he argues, as you go on putting down these dots you eventually end up with a vast sea of blue dots(life prohibiting universes) and scattered rarely and isolated among them will be very few red dots(life permitting universes). That strikes me as a frequency-interpretation of FTA?

I want to re-read what WLC has written before offering an answer; I'll have to get back to you.

Here he is defending the analogy against the objection: