Posted: Apr 19, 2010 5:55 pm
by Paul1
Having read Seth's blog (nontheism/atheism-a-genetic-defect-t5351.html), I am interested by his implied proposition that religion provides a necessary mental construct. Whether he did imply it or not, it doesn't matter.

I started a topic on Richard Dawkins' forum which provided scientific evidence that the suicide rates among Atheists was much higher than those of mono-theistic religions. NOTE that we cannot say that this is due to an innate lack of mental well-being constructs among Atheists, just as we cannot say that being gay means you lack mental constructs. Both groups suffer from persecution so this could be a contributing factor towards mental illness. Also it might be that Atheists, as scientists, are more aware of any conditions they might be suffering from, as they do not necessarily subscribe to the idea that we think completely freely.

I'd like to see how many Atheists here have suffered a mental condition or are suffering now. NOTE AGAIN, it means nothing without also comparing the results to mental illness among religious people...but I am curious. I might go to a religious board and ask permission to create a poll there.

I hope no one is hesitant towards the poll. As Atheists we should never fear the statistics, we like reality.