Posted: Apr 19, 2010 10:00 pm
by Thommo
Seth's blog wrote:The authors wrote, “These results suggest that religious conviction provides a framework for understanding and acting within one’s environment, thereby acting as a buffer against anxiety and minimizing the experience of error.” The researchers suggest that religion provides a method for people to reduce the stress and uncertainty of life and a way to focus on stress-reducing thoughts while suppressing inconsistent thought patterns, which helps to reduce judgmental errors.

Basing a poll on a poorly written blog which obviously twists the conclusions of some pretty nebulous studies?

Seems like a waste of time (selection bias will in itself destroy any vestige of drawing a statistically valid conclusion).

You might notice that the central premise of the blog post in the second underline in the above extract is not actually drawn from the first underlined section, which is what the authors of the study actually claimed.