Posted: Jan 13, 2013 5:29 pm
by Spearthrower
stijndeloose wrote:
Imagination Theory wrote:Yes, that is what A+ thinks of as harassment. That is why they seem to use it where it shouldn't be used. And abuse to them is whenever a person feels abused. That is how they use those terms. Some people feel confused how x can be harassment or abuse over at A+ and that is why. Also, once someone says they feel abused or harassed if you try to question them about it that is called "gas lighting" and one can be banned for it.

Eowyn Entwife didn't exactly leave much room for the possibility that it was a matter of interpretation, though. Her post is a fairly straightforward accusation of intentional harassment.

Imagination Theory wrote:So, with the limerick thing 3 people there felt harassed. So Globe (and anyone else who makes someone feel something bad) was suppose to try to understand where they were coming from, not get on the defensive (which some thought was threatening) and then say "sorry".

Then Eowyn should understand how accusation of intentional harassment affect people. Glob the Funct had every right to call her on that.

Surely it must be harassment to keep levelling charges of harassment at people? :think: