Posted: Jan 13, 2013 6:25 pm
by Imagination Theory
stijndeloose wrote:
Imagination Theory wrote:I keep on getting his name wrong. Not on A+, no. If someone says "I feel abused, I feel harassed" no one can question that without it being "gas lighting". Also, when someone says "I feel abused, I feel harassed" that doesn't always mean they are saying "you are an abuser, you are a harasser". That is why one should not get upset. One is suppose to say "sorry" and understand what they did wrong.

Saying you feel harassed is one thing, accusing someone else of actually harassing you - as Eowyn did - is another.

Sometimes the mods do say "we know you feel harassed but don't call whoever a harasser ...yet". They didn't this time. Maybe they changed the rules and guidelines again? I think it was wrong to do that and wrong to suspended him for asking what she meant.

So, to anyone who knows, what did the limerick mean? I still don't get what " then she felt ill" means? Ill how?