Posted: Oct 01, 2014 8:44 pm
by Lowpro
Well this certainly isn't a thought provoking post but I'll entertain it a bit (not comprehensively; others have done it better). carl has demonstrated a few bad points and some good ones.

The association of atheism to genocide has no merit because almost everything you mentioned above were political struggles. Trying to find a causal relationship between atheism and murder is silly. The one odd duck would be Margaret Sanger but it's because of how you quote-mined her. I'll also bet cash money that you didn't type this up; someone else did and you're busy copypasting it.

Jim Jones was a cult leader. He denied God but worshipped a Marxism attitude.

So overall the association between atheism and genocide has no real merit because of other more pertinent factors (political genocide being the most obvious one).

And let's get one thing straight for you carl because I want you to never make this mistake again. Being an atheist denies the commandment Thou Shall Not Murder but it does not deny the social contract not to murder. I am an atheist and I vehemently deny the 10 Commandments' authority as much as I deny the God that commanded them. To quote Penn Jilette ( I think ) "I murder and rape as much as I want to, which happens to be zero". The very idea that religion or lack thereof has any real pertinence in many of our actions is unfounded.

What I love though is your end note about what the Bible says. For one the statement is not taken seriously by anyone, Christians or otherwise and it's one I also vehemently deny. I hate plenty of my brothers; I hate you for instance. But that doesn't make me a murder by any measurable opinion other than a particularly religious one and doesn't matter.