Posted: Oct 01, 2014 8:45 pm
by Spearthrower
carl wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:... but cherrypicking the facts to distort history is awfully easy when you're only interested in generating hatred.

Please SPECIFICALLY clarify:

I am in no way obliged to jump your pitiful hoops.

Shall I start listing the number of perpetrators of horrific abuses in the name of Christianity, Carl? There's assuredly a fuck load more of them than you'll ever find of even prominent atheists, let alone ones who have committed an atrocity.

carl wrote:1) Which dictator above is not an atheist?

A significant portion of them aren't even politicians, let alone dictators.

Further, just being an atheist is irrelevant. Which ones were doing their acts in the name of atheism or for the cause of atheism? Presumably you don't accept that the Klu Klux Klan represents Christianity, but they certainly claimed to be acting on behalf of the Christian God:

If you're allowed to disavow them and state outright that you are Christian and don't accept any of their acts as being consistent with your position, then why shouldn't I be permitted to do precisely the same with any atheist who acts in a way I despise?

Why are your arguments tailored to generate maximal hatred with the membership here?

I can cite vast areas of Christian violence, both within a state and by states, not just in history, but happening today in the world. Why do you get to reject those as being necessarily Christian in character?

carl wrote:2) What SPECIFIC information about him did I distort?

Please spell out, in detail, the specific info here so we can all take a look.

No, because it would take me far too much of my precious time to go hunting down all the links to show the distortions and you'd only ignore it anyway - I've been here before with people using exactly your 'talking points' - and not one of them has ever shown an interest in facts beyond their application for distortion.

You cite your sources first, then I will put the time and effort in to match yours.

carl wrote:Thank you in advance for your troubles.

Cite away! :thumbup: