Posted: Oct 01, 2014 9:44 pm
by colubridae
carl wrote:
My arguments are tailored to generate discussion on issues which make most of us feel too uncomfortable to discuss otherwise. So uncomfortable that most of us avoid such issues like the plague. If you're of this persuasion, you're excused. You can go and discuss the weather or sports or board games with others like yourself.

If you just simply have no control over your emotions in discussing these issues (you are in the minority with this problem; most of the membership here do not have this problem), such as your emotion of hatred, that's because of you, not because of anyone else, but you and you alone.

I am discussing, not yelling, not preaching, but discussing. If you have hatred because of someone on a simple online blog, you need help.

This is exactly seth's style of posting.
Also carl uses the word 'excused' often, it's frequently used by seth.

If you look at the first four verses of genesis. The first letters of each verse spell 'seth' and the last letters spell 'carl'

Just sayin' :smoke: