Posted: Oct 01, 2014 10:13 pm
by Rumraket
carl wrote:Genocidal maniacs come in many flavors, BOTH religious and not, but when the few atheists in history were bigoted and maniacal, they refused to follow the command: "Do not murder" and it resulted in genocide. Why?

- Karl Marx (died 1883): Atheist and Darwinist; Best known for his remark "Man makes religion...It is the opium of the people"; of Darwin’s book "Origin of Species", he said: "This is the book which contains the basis in natural history for our views."; the most brutal regimes in history adopted his atheistic philosophies to murder millions. In Russia alone, more than 20 million Christians were killed in the 20th century as a result of his policies.

- Friedrich Nietzsche (died 1900): Atheist; Best known for his remark "God is dead"; also an evolutionist but differed with Darwin on the details; his writings are credited as the driving force behind German militarism and Nazism which murdered millions; later suffered from a complete mental collapse.

- Vladimir Lenin (died 1924): Atheist and Darwinist; Bitterly renounced his belief in God following the death of his father and beloved brother; as a Marxist himself, he said: "Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism..."; he supported Darwin's theory and said: "Darwin put an end to the belief that the animal and vegetable species bear no relation to one another, except by chance, and that they were created by God, and hence immutable."; his dictatorship was responsible for the deaths of 2 to 3 million people by starvation, execution, and war.

- Leon Trotsky (died 1940): Self-proclaimed "irreconcilable atheist" and Darwinist; he denied both the existence of God AND absolute morality by stating, "We call our dialectic 'materialist', since its roots are neither in heaven nor in the depths of our “free will”, but in objective reality, in nature...There is place within this system for neither God nor Devil, nor immortal soul, nor eternal norms of laws and morals."; he took intellectual pride in being a Darwinist and said, "Every educated person since Darwin has labeled themselves an “evolutionist”. But a real evolutionist must apply the idea of evolution to his own forms of thinking."; as a Bolshevik leader he masterminded the murder of hundreds of thousands of Russians through starvation and war during the Communist Russian Revolution.

- Benito Mussolini (died 1945): Atheist; known for "daring God to strike him dead" on many public occasions; also a Darwinist and extremely anti-Christian; persecuted both the Protestant and Catholic church; responsible for 400 to 500 thousand deaths; executed by a firing squad while attempting to escape from Italy.

- Joseph Stalin (died 1953): Became an atheist and Darwinist after reading Darwin's "Origin of Species", stating: "God's not unjust, he doesn't actually exist. We've been deceived."; he made atheism the official ideology of Russia and flooded the media and schools with atheistic propaganda; he crushed the Russian Orthodox Church, leveling thousands of churches and killing more than 100,000 priests, monks and nuns during the religious "purge" between 1937 and 1938 alone. Overall, his atheistic dictatorship killed 20 to 60 million people by starvation, execution, and war.

- Margaret Sanger (died 1966): Atheist and Darwinist; Known for her remark "The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it"; advocate of eugenics (Darwinist-based attempts to develop a superior race through selective breeding of humans), mandatory sterilizations of the "unfit", and infanticide; founder of Planned Parenthood - America's largest abortion provider responsible for the deaths of untold millions of preborn children.

- Mao Zedong (died 1976): Atheist, with Darwin as his favorite author; he stated "Religion is poison." and "Chinese socialism is founded upon Darwin and the theory of evolution."; He made atheism the official ideology of China and flooded the media and schools with atheistic propaganda; lived an opulent lifestyle while the common people starved; his regime caused the deaths of 40 to 70 million people by starvation, torture, and executions.

- Jim Jones (died 1978): Atheist; responsible for the 1978 mass murder/suicide of 908 members of the People's Temple cult in Guyana, including his ordered executions of several members of the press and a visiting Congressman. He said: "Off the record, I don’t believe in any loving God. Our people, I would say, are ninety percent atheist...I felt somewhat hypocritical for the last years as I became an feel tainted, by being in the church situation. But of course, everyone knows where I’m at. My bishop knows that I’m an atheist...He must have spent twenty thousand dollars traveling around, hoping to get my denomination to remove me, because I was so atheistic.” (The Jonestown Institute audiotape, 1976).

- Pol Pot (died 1998): As leader of the deadly Khmer Rouge, he admired and adopted Mao's atheist and Darwinist philosophies; known for his "Cambodian killing fields"; closed all religious institutions including Buddhist temples but especially persecuted Christians and Muslims; responsible for 1 to 3 million executions, mostly using axes, hammers, and sharpened bamboo sticks to save ammunition.

I don't care to debate the premise(that genocide is overrepresented amongst atheist dictators), I need only note that even if that is true, it doesn't mean that a god exists or that godbelief is therefore rationally justified.

carl wrote:Note: By SEVERE contrast, the Bible says "anyone who hates his brother is a murderer". The mere THOUGHT alone makes us a murderer.

In which case the bible is wrong, because one only becomes a murderer by actually committing murder. Thank you for providing another air-tight proof of the ludicrousness and irrelevancy of the bible on matters of ethics and morals. :thumbup: