Posted: Oct 01, 2014 10:40 pm
by Spearthrower
carl wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:Why are your arguments tailored to generate maximal hatred with the membership here?

Firstly, to imply "the membership" meaning everyone here, you are wrong. You are in the minority.

My arguments are tailored to generate discussion on issues which make most of us feel too uncomfortable to discuss otherwise. So uncomfortable that most of us avoid such issues like the plague. If you're of this persuasion, you're excused. You can go and discuss the weather or sports or board games with others like yourself.

If you just simply have no control over your emotions in discussing these issues (you are in the minority with this problem; most of the membership here do not have this problem), such as your emotion of hatred, that's because of you, not because of anyone else, but you and you alone.

I am discussing, not yelling, not preaching, but discussing. If you have hatred because of someone on a simple online blog, you need help.

I've rebutted your arguments in 2 threads in depth. I have at no point suggested I am uncomfortable discussing any topic - quite the opposite, I've expressed my sincere enjoyment of watching you try to foist off nonsense from authority and craft the pretense of being here for anything other than atheist-bashing.

I understand that you think personally demeaning me will somehow lend credence to your position, but that also fails at basic logic as per the other attempts at emotional argumentation.

I have exhibited no lack of emotional control, so I find it interesting that you would now opt for this line of discussion. It doesn't seem like you're interested in any of the substance of responses, only in what reaction you can get.

And yes, I can say 'we' on account of having been a member here for quite some time and having shared the experience with the other members of drive-by haters who come, for some bizarre reason, to share their hatred of us and all that they think we stand for. It's the same transparent schtick each time.

My emotion of hatred is non-existent. Your attempts certainly don't achieve your desired result in that respect as there's nothing you've said of any merit, let alone something intelligent enough to make me uncomfortable.

Instead, we've seen you use 2 threads as stalking horses to bash on atheists. You can frame them as questions, but if you're only interested in using them as platforms to espouse your disdain for people, then the only hatred appears to be stemming from you.

Perhaps you can review your own advice:

Carl wrote:If you have hatred because of someone on a simple online blog, you need help.