Posted: Oct 01, 2014 10:51 pm
by Spearthrower
carl wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:
carl wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:The Bible also says a lot of hateful, vicious, barbaric crap including techniques on how best to murder babies.

So based on your true and genuine concern for babies, I assume you're pro-life?

I am mostly concerned with the price of fish, Carl.

Whatever my stance on abortion is, it's entirely irrelevant as to whether the Bible says a lot of hateful, vicious, barbaric crap including techniques on how best to murder babies. Wouldn't you agree?

I notice you've ignored the rest which so thoroughly dismantles the objective of the thread.

You won't mind if I keep citing myself then when you make the same hate-filled contentions later? It will save me writing new stuff if you can't address the old! :cheers:

Your concern for babies has no relevance to abortion? Really?

No, and you'll note that I rejected this transparent rhetorical device to restake the argument elsewhere the first time. It's a red herring, Carl. When someone spots your red herring, calls you on it, and then clearly refocuses the discussion on the relevant topic... you can't just try again and expect it to work.

carl wrote:Since you avoided the question,...

Rejecting that my position on abortion has anything to do with whether the Bible exhibits nasty, depraved and barbaric behavior does not equate to 'avoiding the question'.

carl wrote: let's just say you're pro-choice,...

Let's say that I've busted the numerable times you've tried to oversimplify things into black and white dichotomies. I don't subscribe to any extreme position, so there's little point in telling me what my position is and then crafting an argument based on it. An argument specifically designed to ignore the substance of my response.

carl wrote: therefore feigning concern for babies because you have a bone to pick with the Bible, and leave it at that.

What an utterly idiotic pile of crap, Carl.

Firstly, why would I 'feign' concern for babies? Why does it have to be feigned? Do you think it's unusual to be concerned with the barbaric treatment of children? Do you think atheists are less than human? Sociopaths? Baby eaters? In what distorted world would you imagine people not concerned with the treatment of children?

Of course I have a bone to pick with the Bible - it's not a font of good. You tried to foist off the nonsensical crap that atheism is essentially related to violence. I provided EXACTLY the same type of reasoning to show that Christianity is essentially related to violence. Of course, I did so in the full awareness that I was intentionally cherry-picking, I even said so. I did this to show that you were doing likewise, but that you were actually attempting to foist it off as valid.

Of course, your complete inability to address this means you already lost the discussion, which is why you have restaked the debate on an entirely unrelated topic.

You might think you're a master magician, but I keep seeing you pocket the rabbit.