Posted: Oct 02, 2014 2:39 am
by Darwinsbulldog
I see "blind faith" of any kind, to be a major risk factor in atrocities. If someone is unwilling, or unable to see a contrary point of view, then this is potentially dangerous in numerous ways.
The One party Communist state in the USSR was a creation, in part, of Western Chrisendom. By involving itself in a civil war to support pro-Tsarist or anti=socialist forces, the USA and other "European" states pushed the USSR into being a one party state, because it was clear if the anti-Soviet forces won, there would be a restoration of the Tsar's religious and absolute monarchy. Therefore any anti-Soviet party or group was a threat to the state, so the solution was to ban and suppress other parties, because no-one wanted a return of tsarist tyrannical absolutism.
If the "West" had not intervened, especially in such a "crusading' fashion, then the Soviet state might never have ended up being so harsh and single-party. It is indeed unfortunate and ironic that in trying to free themselves from real tyranny, created a new tyranny of their own making. But the very people who hate the Soviet system the most were those from outside that helped to mutate it into the sort of monster most would dread.