Posted: Oct 02, 2014 3:05 am
by laklak
Damn, he's on to us. 2000 years of meticulous planning, billions of shekels in bribes, thousands of false flag operations, all for naught. We've been rumbled, lads. Carl has figured it out.

Yes, you're right, Carl. Atheists are responsible for ALL the carnage and genocide EVER. We would have left you alone, content to stay in the shadows manipulating events for our own nefarious ends, except that fucking Jew carpenter had to start shooting his mouth off. Ran our boyos out of the fucking temple, he did, the sanctimonious asswipe. There went our capitalization percentages, I can tell you.

You want to know why, Carl? Why we murder, rape, pillage and otherwise behave in a spectacularly anti-social manner? I'll tell you. It's because we fucking HATE God, Carl. Yep, I said it. We despise that motherfucker. We fucking loath him. If he was on fire in the middle of the street we wouldn't piss on him unless we were petrol pissing Arabs. Then we'd piss on his Holy Hole, trust me. And you know why we hate him so? Because he DIDN'T GIVE US A FUCKING PONY, THAT'S WHY!!!

I mean, how hard could it be for the Master of the Universe to give one little 8 year old kid a pony? It's not like we were asking for superpowers or a billion dollars or a chance to shag Lindsey Lohan on a waterbed filled with Christian virgin tears, all we wanted was a fucking PONY. One little wave of his Magic Todger and <POOF> there's a pony, but did he listen? Did the Loving Father give his son the best birthday present ever? No. He didn't, the selfish cunt. Bet he's sorry now, but it's too late. We're going to kill everybody! Rape everybody! Destroy EVERYTHING!

And there's nothing you can do about it. NOTHING! Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha! BWWWWAAAAA HA HA HA HA!