Posted: Jan 23, 2015 5:33 pm
by Calilasseia
Meanwhile, as for his tiresome canard about "atheist billboards", I live a whole fucking ocean away from the USA, but I'm still aware that there are parts of America where you can't move without seeing some piece of religious proselytising by fundie Christians, in six foot high letters on billboards, each spaced about 100 yards apart from each other. The Bible Belt has so many of these, they're almost abundant enough to exert their own gravitational influence within the Solar System. Then, there's all those Christian radio and TV stations filing the airwaves, there's hundreds of these, ranging from local stations right the way up to nationwide cable networks. Draw a line between, say, Charleston, West Virginia, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and you can't escape 24/7 wall-to-wall fucking Jeebus preaching anywhere along that line. You can't escape wall-to-wall non-stop banging on about fucking magic man. If you see one atheist billboard amidst this fucking galaxy cluster of sanctimonious panhandling for fundamentalist Christianity, it's fucking headline news. But of course, the veterans here are used to the manner, in which that one atheist billboard amidst a fucking ocean of Jeebus whining, will be paraded by the usual Christofascist suspects as "militant atheism on the rampage".

All of this cant Carl is bringing here, is fucking bullshit from start to finish. It's nothing but a gigantic whinge because there still exist people who don't genuflect before his sad little masturbation fantasy of a doctrine, based upon a collection of bad fairy tales that a five year old would point and laugh at, in the absence of the relentless indoctrination that the wanktard followers of this sub-amoeboid, superstitious drivel routinely demand be put in place. We've seen the lies and bullshit peddled by mythology fetishists time and again, and it IS lies and bullshit from start to finish. Quite simply, it's long overdue for our species to ditch this primitive, palsied drivel, along with all the other mythologies that are treated as fact by deluded fucktards around the world, and for our species to fucking grow up and live with reality as it is, not as ignorant peons with tinselly holograms in their heads want it to be. If you have to marinate your brain in mediaeval superstition and spastically deranged fantasies, because you're too dumbfuck moronic to bother paying attention to reality, then don't expect those of us with working brain cells to treat your drivel as being comparable to the output of a Nobel Laureate, because it isn't.