Posted: Jul 18, 2016 12:24 am
by Keep It Real
SafeAsMilk wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:I think everybody has been told by an authority figure at one time or another "rape is wrong". What's the difference between living by that instruction rather than the words of a preacher? Nobody needs the ten commandments IMO - I'm surprised you disagree!

Difference is, I can tell you why rape is wrong. As I said, I've seen some startling shit on this forum, theists claiming there's no reason for them to not go out and rape and murder unless there was the rules of God hanging over them.

I reckon they just say that shit because they're defending their belief - making out like it's necessary. You call it startling stuff but in the next breath you actually agree with them!I doubt they're complete strangers to moral reasoning and empathy. They wouldn't torture a puppy but there's no commandment against it.

Something of an aside, but does it actually say in the bible that rape is a sin? Can't quote that one from memory.