Posted: Jul 11, 2017 8:37 pm
by The_Piper
crank wrote:
The_Piper wrote:
crank wrote:For a christian, I'd go straight for the fundamentals of their dogmas, like what the fuck is this about dying for our sins, and atoned to who? And why, and for what? And what the fuck is original sin when Eden is a myth? These are utterly vacuous ideas and the twisted, pretzel logic they spew in defense is laughable. Plus, if he already died for our sins, when we weren't even born, why should we refrain from sinning now? ALL our sins have been pre-atoned for. It's baffling that anyone can buy this nonsense. I did somewhat for a long time, but mainly because I was too naive to question it seriously.

Where did you get those shoes?

I get most of mine off dead folks. Now, please don't ask where I find the dead folks.

I had that album from when it came out. Very very good. I was too oblivious for years before I ever thought about what the title meant, it was just the name of a song.

I've never heard anyone use that phrase before this thread, the only reference I knew about was the album. Steely Dan were great.
About you shoes, well I guess that'll be your little secret. :? :lol: