Posted: Aug 14, 2017 1:59 pm
by John Platko
SpeedOfSound wrote:
GrahamH wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:
A point that is not being made by your treatment is in what way religions and their practice accidentally yield the same results. What are the mechanics here?

Surely it is not accidental, it's human psychology common to humans of all creeds and eras. Whatever the mechanics they are quite possibly the same whether the participant thinks they are speaking to God or not.

Yup. That is the point. Though many people are mislead because they can't imagine a mechanism, hence they are off believing in very dangerous things.

I have a very frequent discussion in AA groups. The 'what am I praying to if I'm an atheist discussion'. I try to explain that it doesn't matter and in fact it works best when you have no clue what you are praying 'too'. It is the act not the target that gets the result.

In most religions the god-idea is sufficiently obscure and mysterious that it has the same effect. My theory is that people who have a well defined sense of a god and they try and talk to it like they would a person, are not praying well at all.

That would explain why prayer is often less effective for many than it might be. The nonsensical dogma people hold infallible throws a crowbar into their mental processes and gums up the works. But because there is still some room for mystery they get enough effect to think that it is working - and then they pass this marginally functional prayer system on to the next generation.