Posted: Aug 31, 2017 5:15 am
by Zadocfish2
Sounds like a conversation I'd have with my current pastor. Wonderful guy, but I don't think he'd ever buy into atheism. He certainly doesn't believe in complete in-errancy, though; he once told me that some of Paul's writings result from his slow shaking-off of Pharisee-ism, which wasn't yet complete at the time of writing. Very pragmatic approach to theology, which I can respect.

Regarding some of the posts about Christian beliefs... Does it help that a proper reading of the Bible indicates that there isn't really a torment at the end for sinners, the unsaved just die like normal? Like, they go out, and that's the end. It's just that those who believe and are saved, and those before who were close to God, get eternal life. It's like a straight "reward" system, rather than an "escape punishment" system, effectively. The idea of universal eternal life comes from a misunderstanding of certain metaphors. Doesn't that kind of take care of a lot of the moral issues people have with Christianity?